Kind Words From First Responders and Napa Residents

I would like to personally thank you for all that you did for Officer *.*’s family and the California Highway Patrol. During this time of great pain and sorrow, you provided support and guidance. Your innate ability to calm and console was a true blessing. Several times during our conversations you mentioned how much you appreciate what law enforcement officers do to protect society. I would like you to know that our jobs would be impossible if not for your support. The law enforcement community of Napa County is very fortunate to have you to assist them during the most difficult calls they encounter.  (Officer *.* had committed suicide).  With Admiration . . . . . . 

Sgt. Jaeson White, Office of Special Representative, California Highway Patrol


“If not for Rev Lee Shaw my time at the 911 towers would have been more devastating than it was. Thank you Lee.”

Bob Milmore

FIREFIGHTER - New York City Fire Department; January 1981 – January 2003 (22 years 1 month) Rescue Co.5, Rescue Co.3, Ladder Co.40, Engine Co. 93
POLICE OFFICER - US Department of Veterans Affairs; August 2003 – November 2015 (12 years 4 months) Castle Point, NY 12511
SOLDIER - New York Army National Guard; February 1977 – May 2009 (32 years 4 months) New York State and the World. Deployed to Desert Storm as a Helicopter pilot 1990-1991. Deployed to Iraq three times. Was the S4 for the 42D AVN BDE, in Tikrit, Iraq 2004-2005. Was the CENTCOM LNO to MNFI for two tours 2006-2008 in the Greenzone in Baghdad - Liaison Officer for General Pratraeus. Did a tour in Qatar.

"I have had the privilege of working with Lee on several critical incidents involving coroner cases over the years. He has an incredible ability to step calmly into these crisis situations, guide families of decedent's through the process, and make the worst day of their lives a little bit easier. His calm demeanor and strong knowledge of the coroner investigative process always put the families I dealt with in an easier frame of mind making it easier for me to do my job. As a Coroner Investigator, I was always glad to see him arrive on one of my scenes."

John Dunagan    Detective at Napa County Sheriffs Office


"We unfortunately learned first hand the importance of the Chaplaincy of Napa Valley during the tragic death of our daughter. Chaplain Lee came with the sheriff to notify my family and I at midnight, of our daughter’s death. Chaplain Lee stayed until 3:00 am to make sure our family would be OK and he walked us through a plan of action for the next, necessary steps: notifying family, work, school. Chaplain Lee offered to make the personal visit on my behalf to my boss and youngest daughter’s school. 6:15 am that same day, he met us at the house, our 9 year old had spent the night at, to notify that family, and be the support we needed to let our 9 year old know her big sister now lived in Heaven. He made sure our son, who was in the Navy, stationed in Japan, was notified and sent home on emergency leave."

"The chaplaincy was only a phone call away and continually checked in with us via phone and in person. They walked us step by step through all the decisions that needed to take place the following two weeks. Our family will be forever grateful for the emotional support, friendship, and practical help the chaplaincy provided at our darkest time."

Kathleen Quinn  (Kathleen’s daughter, Brittany 27 yrs., was murdered)

Letter to the Editor; Napa Valley Register Newspaper July 22, 2013:

"Congrats, Lee, well deserved (Jefferson Award).  Speaking from

experience, having Lee with me on a number of horrific situations I

found myself in — Lee was a godsend. His compassion, communication

skills, genuine caring and ability to listen were invaluable to the families."

NPD Sgt. Vince DeGuilio (Ret.)

"Lee, It has been almost 10 years since I lost my husband Mike Seitz in a vineyard accident in Carneros. Your words and your presence during that most difficult time have made an impact on my life. Your words “just get through this minute” have saved me millions of times from a break down. I still miss Mike more than anything every day. Our son Charlie is now 10 and a thriving young boy. You are a special person and even though you barely know me, you are a special part of my life. Thank you for all you do in this world."

Kristi Longo Seitz 

"Lee, I fumble for any words to even come close to expressing what an absolute wonderful human being you are. This county of ours is so very privileged to have such a strong, charismatic, and highly spiritual rescuer as you are. And that is what we are, isn’t it, “rescuers” and “helpers.” Serving our fellow human beings is simply a no-brainer for us. Each of us, with our own talents, brings the strength, guidance, and a sense of direction to those that are unable navigate their way well due to unfortunate circumstance. My friend, you are a true advocate and compassionate deliverer of God’s love for his children. I am, and always will be, your utmost friend and brother in the crusade against evil and misfortune.  Your friend . . . . "

Martie Ripley (Ret. Napa Central Dispatcher)

Beyond Words -  "When Sarah died it was of course the worst event of my life and you were such a big help, and it was obvious that you truly cared . . . you are a wonderful and kind man and all that you did meant a lot to me . . . you make such a difference in people’s lives.”

I.M., Napa

“Dear Lee ~ No amount of money could possibly equate to the selfless service you provide to those of us in need. You are always there each & every time with the unique & soothing manner of comfort. For me personally, you have given me strength and guidance to help me through my brother’s death as well as . . . I think of you often & all the lives you have touched. Thank you, thank you, thank you & thank God for you and all you have given of yourself. God bless you.”

Carolyn Van Dyke/Napa

“Chaplain Lee, Exactly two weeks ago, we met because of a very tragic accident. I want you to know how much you helped me. You helped me through the worst day of my life. I do not think that I would have been able to cope with what happened had you not said everything that you said. Sometimes we choose a profession and sometimes a profession chooses us . . . I believe this profession chose you. You have a gift and anyone that comes in contact with you should consider themselves fortunate . . . An angel was sent to me when I needed it most. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me. I would like to keep in touch with you and would like to call you from time to time, if that would be okay. From the bottom of my heart, my family and I thank you. God bless you." 


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