K9 Rex was a German Shepherd, born in the Czech Republic and was imported to the United States in 2002. Rex was teamed with his handler, Napa Police Officer Ryan Cole, in early September of the same year. K9 Rex and Officer Cole immediately bonded and started their intense training. After two months of training K9 Rex and Officer Cole were certified by the State of California for patrol duties and narcotic detection.

K9 Rex was well known for being social amongst his coworkers and community, but possessed an “over the top” work ethic. There was absolutely “no quit” in K9 Rex! Rex was an accomplished patrol and narcotic police K9. During his eight and one half year career with the Napa Police Department, Rex had numerous suspect apprehensions and narcotic seizures. Rex made a name for himself in the police K9 community for his exceptional tracking abilities.

K9 Rex was an exceptional partner and member of Officer Ryan Cole’s family. Rex retired in October of 2010 after Officer Ryan Cole was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Rex enjoyed retirement to its fullest, but never stopped working. From the time he came to live with the Cole’s, he would always take watch at night over the family. K9 Rex would lie in the hallway positioned between all three bedrooms with his head facing toward the front door of the house. Not one time during his career or retirement did he miss his post.

K9 Rex was a great addition to the Cole Family. He was a “gentle giant”. Rex joined the Cole Family when Officer Ryan Cole’s son, Stephen, was just a baby and his daughter, Kortney, was 4 years old. Rex was a highly trained police K9 that allowed a baby to crawl all over him, while constantly tugging his ears and tail, and he would allow a 4 year old lay next to him on his bed petting him and giving him “loves,” but K9 Rex never flinched. Instead, he would shower Stephen’s face with doggie kisses and lick Kortney’s feet as they hung over the edge of the sofa!

Officer Cole has many memorable family moments with Rex;

There were times, when Officer Cole’s son got older, that his son would put Rex’s leash on him and take Rex out to the back yard “to work”...here this gentle giant would let a 3 year old lead him around the back yard, giving him commands in Czech, and Rex seemed to love every minute of it and obeyed every command!

One of the most memorable photos of the Cole children and Rex was taken only 2 months after Rex came to live with the Cole Family. It was a gift from Officer Cole’s wife, Lisa, to Officer Cole for Christmas. The children were dressed in police uniforms and they sat in a special NPD pedal car with Rex lying in front of the car.

Rex even embraced the other family pets, and his best bud was “Sophie,” Cole’s German shorthaired pointer. Rex and Sophie would romp and play all day then lay on the same dog bed together in the evenings.

Rex was not only a Police K9 for Napa Police Department and Officer Cole’s partner for eight and one half years, but he was a part of the Cole family and the Cole’s were a part of Rex’s pack.

On October 1, 2013, K9 Rex suffered an event that left him with the inability to get up. In the final moments of his life he was escorted Code 3 by K9 Handler, Officer Mike Moore, to California Pet Hospital in what would be his last ride in his favorite place in “the back of the Black and White.”

K9 REX E.O.W. OCTOBER 1, 2013