Law Enforcement and Fire Service Chaplaincy of Napa County, Inc. considers it an honor and privilege to serve our law enforcement and fire service agencies as well as our community. We provide immediate services to all agencies in the City and County of Napa as well as to our local citizens. Our services are offered through a support network team of specially trained and experienced chaplains.

Our chaplains work with law enforcement and fire service personnel on a professional level providing critical incident response, post-traumatic counseling, and other support necessary in crisis related events.

We have served the City & County of Napa for 20 years beginning in 1996. Using very conservative estimates our team has assisted over 25,000 to 41,000 individuals. Chaplain duties generally coincide with the following activities:

Suicides, Threats and Attempted Suicides

Family Disturbances

2nd Alarm/Major Structure Fires

SIDS Deaths

Sex Crimes

Local Drownings

Lake Berryessa Drownings

Fatal and Non-fatal Shootings

Fatal and Serious Auto Accidents

Fatal and Serious Injuries

Violent Crimes Against Individuals

Death Notifications — Local, National, & Foreign Countries

On Scene Assistance for Law Enforcement & Fire Service Agencies

Respond to Local Elementary, Middle, and High School Incidents

Help with Family Members of Departmental Personnel

Fatal and Serious Industrial Accidents

City and County Residential Deaths

Missing Persons – Adults & Children

Liaison between Agencies and Families

Critical Incident Stress Management

Liaison with Relief Agencies

NPD Reconstruction Team

NPD SWAT Operations

High School Every 15 Minute Programs

Robberies at Banks, Wineries, etc.

National Tragedies

Assist Citizens in numerous and various ways

 As Charles Shultz once said, “Life has a way of slapping you down,” but our specially trained chaplains offer assistance during crisis to help our first responders “to be able to go home at night and for life to be better for them. Our goal is to love our community neighbors, help them practically and give them hope.”Text to Come

Chaplain Responses