Napa County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy program began in 1996 for the purpose of serving the employees of the Napa Police Department as well as the citizens of our community. Soon our work became recognized as valuable by other agencies and thus we now serve all law enforcement and fire service agencies within the city and county of Napa. We proudly serve these agencies, their families, and the citizens of Napa, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.Law Enforcement and Fire Service Chaplaincy of Napa County “Providing immediate crisis support for emergency personnel, victims & families”

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Napa County, Inc. program was begun for the purpose of serving the employees of the Napa Po lice Department and the community.

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Napa County Inc., is a non-profit organization that now provides immediate services to all law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, community agencies, and to local citizens through crisis intervention skills so vital during times of extreme difficulties. These services are offered through a support network team of specially trained and experienced chaplains.

Our chaplains work with law enforcement and fire service personnel on a professional level providing critical incident response, post-traumatic counseling, and other support necessary in crisis related events.

Chaplains provide immediate confidential, personal and family counseling, within the framework of non-denominational spiritual guidance to any law enforcement officer, fire fighter, and their family. Our team provides this optional personal resource not only to these officers and firefighters but also to all department employees and their families as well.

Chaplains respond to counsel, assist, and support victims and witnesses of critical incidents, crisis, and other traumatic events. Chaplains are specially trained in handling these situations and are available to provide follow-up counseling and intervention for the people of Napa County.

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Napa County, Inc., is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization funded by private donations from individuals, businesses, and churches. A Board of Directors serves as the governing body to oversee policy and planning, and to monitor the fiscal integrity of the organization.

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