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Dear Chaplaincy Friends 

Thank you so very much for your concern and care for our ministry. What a privilege to be able to bring you these concerns. Of late we have been busy as we have responded to 28 unexpected deaths in residences - each of these sudden deaths had unique stories (4 of them began with “CPR in progress, 1 involved the sad death of one of our retired law enforcement officer’s wife and 1 involved one of our beloved Dispatcher’s father). We also responded to two 2nd Alarm Structure Fires, a drowning in which a surfer died in the ocean and was miraculously located by one of our chaplains – this chaplain also officiated at a funeral, a fatal roll-over accident in which a 20 yr. old PUC student died (her parents came all the way from Beijing – we were quite involved with this family and school for well over a week.

We gave assistance when two young girls witnessed their mother being run over (we offered critical incident stress management to the girls and their father), assisted an agency at the release of an employee, visited an agency administrator’s family when the mother died, and gave aid when six people took their owns lives. These incidents were especially difficult for everyone involved (two of the victims were young teenagers). I the honor to officiate at 10 funerals (2 involved our beloved Dispatcher’s parents) and had the privilege to attend four funerals, several of whom were my friends.

I would appreciate your prayers for the above-mentioned families as they have suffered much. God bless. 

Chaplaincy in Action: 

Beyond Words: “When Sarah died it was of course the worst event of my life and you were such a big help, and it was obvious that you truly cared . . . you are a wonderful and kind man and all that you did meant a lot to me . . . you make such a difference in people’s lives.” I.M., Napa


While serving as pastor of Morning Star Ministries, Lee became interested in the Chaplaincy.  In 1994, then Chief of Police Dan Monez, encouraged local pastors to start a chaplaincy program for Napa. In 1996, following his initial training, Lee was asked to serve as Chaplain for the Napa Police Department. 

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